Project Description

Cityscape Mural X Outdoor Cinema

From the open plan living step out into a unique creative mural outdoor cinema and entertainment area. Curated specifically to cater for a projector screen installed and overlay the artwork creating cohesion between installation and mural. The first of it’s kind that I have ever seen. However the custom wall mural produced in a vibrant combination of midnight colours and selected complimenting colours articulates the evening environment. Furthermore allowing the projector to visually thrive in the late evening and night. The small details make this wall mural real special with as much interaction as possible. Wether it’s the shadow line of the billboard or the  city cameras and lights, really set it off. In addition the bespoke wall art mural expands the boundaries of any regular exterior setting whilst combining a theatrical environment for the outdoor entertainment area. Inspiration was derived from an array of photographs with a unique spray can art techniques for a blended dusk and night time cityscape. This is another great example of a premium quality mural production.
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To really appreciate the fine detail implemented watch the video below showing close up details.
Before & After
Before Outdoor CinemaAfter Outdoor Cinema
Cityscape Mural X Outdoor Cinema | Extended Timelapse
Below is a video with the Projector on; to show the cohesion with the artwork.