Outdoor graffiti mural of santorini
Mediterranean Theme Feature Wall

Mediterranean Theme Feature Wall

One of our premium styled graffiti murals. A Mediterranean Theme Feature Wall. Custom made with a collection of Mediterranean elements, collaged into a relaxed poolside wall. Furthermore, the style inspired by modern linework helps break up the sections, while simply blurring into a graffiti mural style masterpiece. This diverse piece on display in a private residence matches the outdoor entertainment area and remaining backyard. Introducing this pop of colour can transform your surroundings into a high talking point. Especially when executed on this level of meticulous detail. A Santorini cityscape selected by the client blends fantastically with the pool decor surroundings. Due to the shape of the cement sheeted wall, the image was placed with a foundation at the bottom of the wall. Also where the cobblestones sit, it actually pushes the mural into the distance, allowing for the piece to have depth. Ultimately balancing the graffiti photorealistic style blended with contemporary linework. Resulting in a more professional and sound exterior masterpiece.
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Below is the draft for this particular project.
Sketch for graffiti mural of santorini