Outdoor graffiti mural of birds

Bird Backyard, Exterior Design

A professional exterior design mural inspired by the clients love for birds. This ‘Bird Theme’ was surrounded by colour and geometrical pattern work splashing in the background, setting a graffiti art theme for the backyard exterior wall. Prepared professionally with a Duraguard undercoat allowed for textured effects to be included within the piece, which is only really noticeable up close and in person. A well-executed exterior design piece generally requires being balanced on the wall, with the foundation of graffiti abstract work in the background, cornering to the right-hand side. Allowed for the piece to sit comfortably in its backyard setting. The requirement for the project was to include swallows, flamingos and somewhere a feature bird. The main feature bird was created and designed on the spot. Click here to see other themed Exterior ideas.