Straight Outta Saigon Interior Wall Art

Vietnamese Interior Feature Wall

A graffiti mural for a Vietnamese interior feature wall, displaying a custom made neon sign on the raw brick wall compliments the mural setting with unique lighting. Furthermore, maintaining a grey-scale colour scheme relative to their interior and current fit-out. Allows for the artwork to sit on the feature wall and combine influences with the décor. The composition and balance of this piece remain well executed with the portrait sitting one third to the left and mountain ranges with water spanning the remaining of the wall. This is a perfect example of a beautiful street art mural which covers the feature wall of a restaurant interior. A mural like this can really help create a relaxing and calm environment for your customers. We do suggest consulting us in relation to your next interior or exterior wall art project. Certainly, something to think about to help create that perfect environment to achieve your interior goals.

Curated by Set It Off

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