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Full Fit Out Interior – Dribbles Burgers Geelong

Full Fit Out Interior – Dribbles

This Interior concept came to life for my client Dribbles Burgers throughout 2020. A rejuvenation project of my clients original restaurant including a custom logo to suit the new decor. With my desire for vibrant colour, blending a mixture of contemporary style and modernity, the artwork wraps around and sculpts together; creating a unique fit out interior highly praised by many visitors. provided the initial layout scope then I worked with the builder resulted in the aesthetic final product. It draws you in from the front facade with a minimal approach at first. Furthermore seeing more with one surprise after another from corner to corner where the artwork has been articulated between sections. Including providing extra length to match details throughout with colour selection in specific areas to really set the interior space off.

All the while maintaining use of raw materials hand selected by the builder caters for a set budget and a colourful design with a post modernistic fit out.Turning a new leaf in interior design mixed with an original graffiti artists eye. As the artist bonds with the post modern art form which leads from a colourful entry way to grab the attention of customers right from the start. Inspired by a mixture of futurism, neoplasticism and elementarism.

Furthermore this custom made fit out interior is split into four sections. Creating a vibrant and colourful entry way to grab the attention of customers right away was a must have. Including customizing the street style fencing leading into a stairwell, directly to the servery for check in. However on the other side of the fence from the vibrant entry is the sports area including TV’s to watch live games among other visuals. In addition the kids play area sectioned off with street style fencing reference the street basketball motif.

All in all the commercial interior suits all ages to feel comfortable and the owner(s) can feel at ease with the low maintenance for a commercial interior. All the while keeping a timeless underground street appeal.

In conclusion you will see on the attached video that the stairwell fades and leads to the kids play area and then onto the main dining with levelling of colour on colour; leading to subtle nuances that sets this interior apart and an all round exciting space to be in.

Art & Design: Set It Off

Design: Aydn Co

Project: Dribbles Burgers Geelong

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Full Fit Out Interior - Dribbles - Logo Alteration