Title: ‘Set It Off’ | Spray Paint / Acrylic

Exterior – 2020, Adelaide, SA

To create a custom poolside feature mural can be a challenge, especially when the wall is rendered. I tend to work the artwork into the wall based around the surface. The space provided already had the tile splash back installed and with this setting it inspired the idea of a concept with the ability to grow the splash back across the wall. It was experimental at first when looking at the fine detail of the tiles that included a difficult array of colours which was exciting to work with a complex setting. The mural was custom made to tailor for the surroundings with the tiled splash back providing a great foundation for this concept to come to life. I wanted to create movement and excitement in tune with my senses at the time as the strategically positioned tile wall sprawled down into the pool. Creating a diverse piece that can only be appreciated in person was a goal to give a feeling of uniqueness for the client. Entitled ‘Set It Off’ explains the movement and explosion. To “set something off” means to “trigger something” or “cause something to occur. Being on display for the outdoor entertainment and open plan living area helps generate perspective with this mural, carrying the tiles into the artwork for amazing cohesion. Giving the artwork depth while providing beautiful continuity between the splash back and bespoke artwork resulted in an amazing masterpiece. A fantastic result with a post-modern pool decor finishes ultimately balancing the space with a professional graffiti art installation.

Before & After