Project Description

Cremorne Meeting Room Feature Wall With Floor


This spectacular meeting room feature wall compliments the interior amazingly. Including the floor painting helps this space, where only ducting and vents were to be, transform into a masterpiece. One of the most unique and amazing additions to a shared working space. This piece sums up a mixture of Melbourne elements including Cremorne’s own.

A Collage that blends well together, capturing Melbourne’s city line, the colour palette squares and distortion lines give the artwork a mixture of abstract and expressionism. Furthermore, the mural is completely customised, absorbing into its space with a fusion of street art character. For instance, painting predominately with aerosol and acrylics, this mixed media masterpiece display’s the possibilities of our professional interior finishes while utilising the elements of the room within. Additionally, to have a custom made feature wall like this contact us here.

Thanks to @sleevesupcremorne & @montanacans