Nick and Jess Wedding Article

A quick photo grid and summary of our client’s wedding which I painted live at.  Jessica and Nick’s Wedding.

Interior Mural Design

A Broadsheet write-up about one of our client’s restaurants. A new mural has been put in place. Straight Outta Saigon is now open in Melbourne CBD.

Pitch Article Set It Off Murals

A fantastic article about one of our recent client’s. Pitch Architecture’s office is in a warehouse in Richmond behind a colourful mural of the owners’ pooches…


Councils have had programs working with troubled youths ever since I worked with Dandenong council over 15 years ago. This is nothing new and helps youths understand the pros and cons as well as proactive engagement.

Press Article Street Art Not Graffiti

Article about a recent project interacting with youths with a fantastic success rate.


It’s becoming more and more apparent large companies attempting to rip off artists.


An article about a graffiti art project for charity I was involved with back in 2014.