Project Description

Three-wall urban rainforest spray paint wall mural interior.

Urban Forest Interior Room Mural

Concentrating on the elements inside this room, the main focus was an urban forest interior. Developing the 3 walls around this room into a stylistic jungle that encapsulates the room. This particular interior was industrial to begin with, with a structurally sound open roof cross beams and industrial sized ducting going from wall to wall across the room. We came up with a concept to include the surroundings within all three walls allowing for continuity around the space provided. One side of the room remains urban, with the door to another room incorporated into the mural. As well as the ducting included as it corners across the wall towards the door. Another corner of the room, which will be a Zen room, brushes up the idea of a view out towards a magnificent waterfall. The remaining two sections help break up the room into warm and neutral zones. Which helps compliment the main features while allowing for a touch of different colour and feeling. Check out another forest mural here.