Project Description

A monochromatic graffiti mural on office walls with company logo.

Monochromatic Office Mural

A graffiti mural for an office interior feature wall art, displaying the company branded logo. Wrapping it around the pharmaceutical theme the company represents. Furthermore maintaining a colour scheme related to their brand and current interior office fit-out. The composition and balance of this piece remain well executed. This is a perfect example of a beautiful street art mural which covers the feature wall of the meeting room. Creating continuity that stretches through the room interior. The colour tones match the interior decor. Also, the mural gives a magnificent viewpoint for the clientele of Buildkomm to be creative in a developmental environment. Because the styling and colours painted to liven this interior coincided with the cabinetry. Because a mural like this can really help create a relaxing and calm environment for your customers. We do suggest consulting us in relation to your next interior or exterior wall art project. Certainly, something to think about to help create that perfect environment to achieve your interior goals.

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