Project Description

Airborn Trampoline Park Graffiti

The trampoline park graffiti is one of a kind, especially from a known graffiti artist to create an environment kids and families enjoy. Painting on the walls and hoardings around the venue bring colour and creativity to the interior. Selecting the colours pink, blue, yellow and green as the main 4 element colours for the interior. We established a theme throughout the venue where each wall would contain a piece saying specific words, painted by the graffiti artist. Each with the opposite colour in the backdrop to complement the pieces together. For example blue with pink, or, green with yellow, vice-versa. The words were: Airborn, Jump, Flight, Sky High Fun, Takeoff. Each related to one of their company slogans. The cafeteria was also painted with a jet fighter and the water fountain/toilets painted with water effects and a girl reaching for party balloons.

By creating a unique environment inside the trampoline centre it separates this venue from the others, the kids love it, and regularly requesting merchandise made from the graffiti art on the walls.

Located at Airborn Trampoline Center, Roxyburgh Park.