We Recycle Our Aerosol Spray Cans

We Recycle Our Aerosol Cans

There may be a bit of a misconception in regards to aerosol can disposal in that some people believe aerosol cans are not able to be recycled. They may think the aerosol cans might explode in the recycling bin or that the cans are not made of recyclable material.

The truth is all aerosol cans (as long as they are empty) can be thrown in with your mixed/commingled recycling bin. Aerosol cans are made from steel and aluminium so the process of recycling, once they reach the MRF, is just the same as your soft drink cans or tins of baked beans!

One thing to make sure of however is that the aerosol can is empty.

From ksenvironmental.com.au/aerosol-can-recycling/

Australians purchase around 240 million aerosols every year but in 2014 more than one in every two people wrongly believe aerosols can’t be recycled. They can be!
Aerosol cans are used to package and dispense a vast array of liquid products – from deodorants and hair spray to cooking oil and whipped cream.

From Planet Ark -> https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/aerosols/