Australia Post Graffiti Mural

A graffiti mural painted on the side wall for an Australia Post Office. The theme directly related to postal subjects, with a large scale vintage stamp  and Waltzing Matilda stamp. First of all for the purpose of deterring vandalism, while the other to create some unique colour on the side of this shop. Sitting in the [...]

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Hume City Council Mural

https://youtu.be/c_5oQ-B4geU Hume City Council contacted me to create a mural at one of the entrances of Olsen Place shopping strip. It's a small set of shops located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The pattern throughout the lettering is related to the theme requested by the council. The project took a couple days and [...]

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Courtyard Mural

This courtyard mural feature wall spans around a corner of the BBQ area, most of all painted directly onto the house surface. Furthermore including the door framing with the mural, gives a meticulous approach to this mural.  The theme for this project is a picturesque nature scene, calming and relaxing.  Hence why we covered all surfaces in [...]

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Kingship x Co.

Kingship x Co. in the Melbourne CBD approached me to paint the front section of his Cafe. The main purpose was to deter people from vandalising the building and also create a colourful vibe out the front decking area where customers would sit have a coffee. Since the project there has been a successful strike [...]

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