Cookie Monster Bus

right side left side back front   This was a bus I painted for RussBus Festival in Oslo, Norway. February 2011. The idea for the bus was to make it clean and simple with one colour background and have a slogan on the side "C is for [...]

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Brothers Grimm – Interior

Brothers Griimm Bus - March 2012 - Oslo, Norway. The Interior of a bus I painted for 'Brothers Grimm'. The idea was to have a wooden mahogany effect around the inside of the bus to give it a comfortable feeling while riding inside. At the back of the bus I painted a view of mountains [...]

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Dovre Grobben Bus Interior

Dovre Grobben Bus Interior - 2011 - Oslo, Norway. The theme is a troll that lives in a series of caves that are renovated like a mansion. This was the inside of their bus. The Sofa's were not installed yet. I would have loved to get photo's of the finished interior with my painting, unfortunately I [...]

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