How to hack Pinnacle shelf into a spray can rack for under $200

Credit to Jinks1 for creating and building the first version of this with me.

What You Need

Pinnacle 1830 x 1200 x 410mm 5 Tier Shelving Unit

**Important that you use the 410 Depth Shelf for your spray can rack as that fits the cheap fencing.


Fence Paling 19 x 100mm

(see the video as any wood 19mm thick that is approx. 200mm high to prop up the shelf)

Qty 4 or 8 of Pine 19 x 42mm at 1200mm long

**In the video I used scrap, off cuts of 20 x 20mm for the rear support. However you can just use anything that will support the fencing. This will also stop the spray can from falling out the back. I recommend cutting the length to around 1198mm so it jams in between the Pinnacle frame, then you wont need to screw it down to the mdf shelf.

Fencing Wire Mesh for the rack which fits 16 rows per 2 shelves and 15 rows per 2 shelves

**I Picked this up for around $35AUD on discount so have a look near the fencing section as they can discount the slightly buckled ones. So you don’t have to buy brand new.

Screws and Cable Ties

*long screws at around 50mm length for front lip if you need to screw to mdf shelf

*short screws to secure mdf shelf to rear propping for added stability to the rear, this was more important that the front lip screwed down.





To start unbox the Pinnacle shelving unit And build the bottom shelf ONLY. It is important to start with the bottom shelf as I explain in the video The fencing loops over the framing of the shelving for a quick and easy fit.

This is what your starting spray can rack base should look like (in the image below).




Cut the wire mesh either with bolt cutters or grinder which ever you prefer. Each shelf will hold 16 rows, however the mesh has 32 rows. My process was to create 16 rows on 2 shelves and then 15 rows on 2 shelves. By cutting in the middle of the Panel. This leaves 2 rows with no wire on the end however you can add a piece of wood or something like that to hold the can from falling out easier than not having wire support. The can’s don’t really fall out that easy so for the price I live with it or join two of these full racks up to join consecutively.




At the 4th hole up from the railing you want to have the MDF piece raised to there. With this video I had left over pieces of wood that were free however did not reach the 1197mm length. This is why I propped up using cable ties, this is sufficient enough and works fine. Alternatively I have built one before that was the correct length of timber at the rear that I screwed in through the 4th hole to prop the shelf up. See images below.




Next is to insert the MDF shelf, secure at the rear with a screw (white arrow) and then insert the front lip for the spray can rack. The front lip of 19x42mm pine is a 1200mm piece from Bunnings for around 5$AU. This will need to be trimmed to approximately 1197mm and can be squeezed in the gap between the Pinnacle frame. Furthermore if it is too loose for your liking, then insert a long screw through the 19 x 42mm piece to attach it to the MDF




The back piece where the wire mesh will lean on or attach, needs to raise the rear of the wire mesh. See the image below as this angle worked the best for me and coincides with how many holes above are specified. Start to count from the top hole of the Pinnacle shelf frame. See the numbers in the image below. This back piece also stops the cans from falling back through the rear of shelf.




Now insert the cut to size wire frame. Attach it to the rear piece or for me use cable ties on the 9th hole related to Step 5. I inserted one corner over the Pinnacle frame (see white arrow in image below). This is required to fit easier in the 1200mm wide shelf.  I also used some small hooks I had spare to help secure the frame to the front lip. You could also use a nail and bend it over.




Repeat each shelf at a time. As having the wire mesh going over the frame you must go each shelf at a time starting at the base shelf. Then start loading your spray cans in once all 4 shelves are completed.


I hope this quick amateur description helps anyone interested in storing their spray paint on a shelf that is more organised. Or use this concept as a basis for your creative imagination and take it to a more detailed level. You can also spray or label the front lip the colour that goes into the designated row.