Project Description

Vietnamese Interior Hoch Mini Full

Vietnamese Interior Hochi Mini

Melbourne, 2019 – Spray Paint / Acrylic

This Vietnamese interior is a mural that depicts a street vibe with perspective. The artwork wraps around three walls, with one wall providing a textured granite effect including pattern windows. Combining the rear feature wall with the adjacent walls help provide perspective with the back section of the restaurant. Furthermore, this interior was implemented with details right down to the meat cooking on a street side grill. As well as utilising Vietnamese colours from the street compliment the interior fit out fantastically, including a street side view on the main wall gives depth. The height of the street was customised for the height of the tables so the street level balances well with the interior. Also the perspective of depth for the back wall where the door enters to the bathroom, camouflages that space well including the floor blending into the distant street.

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