Project Description

Triumph Motorcycle Wall Art

Triumph Motorcycle Wall Art

Ilfracombe, UK, 2020 – Spray Paint / Acrylic

The mural is a completely customised Triumph motorcycle wall art masterpiece. A “Triumph” infused work of art with engine parts and motion abstract line-work related to the motorcycle bodywork. With an industrial finish floor and racetrack line-work articulating from wall to wall. Resulted in a truly spectacular interior masterpiece with high detail effects. Furthermore the choice of colours intended was to create an optimum mix between natural Triumph colour schemes. All the while interacting between abstract shapes derived from the motorcycle shape and composition. Warm Industrial colours form the basic trio of colours which occasional threads of copper and chrome are introduced. This helps accentuate the artwork across each wall. All hand-painted with spray paint and mixed with some acrylic to create rawness with drips is a classic effect to rough up the environment.

This type of Triumph motorcycle wall art constitutes of high end details that require meticulous attention from chromatic details to nuts and bolts. Also engine parts are one of the most complex to paint, the attention to detail is noticeable in person and on some of the high resolution images. You will see on the attached video a time lapse of the creation forming. Finishing off with some walk through footage and close ups of the detail involved that sets this thoroughfare apart from your average hallway. An all round exciting space to be walking through. Additionally the same line-work is matched in another interior area outside this hallway. Providing subtle racing line awareness within the entire venue.

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