Project Description

Triumph Motorcycle Wall Art

Ilfracombe, UK, 2020 – Spray Paint / Acrylic


The mural is a completely customised motorcycle wall art masterpiece. A Triumph infused work of art, including engine parts and motion abstract line-work related to the selected motorcycle bodywork contours. With an industrial finish floor racetrack linework continuing articulating the walls. A truly spectacular interior masterpiece with high detail effects visible in person. Furthermore, the choice of colours was intended to create an optimum mix between natural Triumph colour schemes, interacting between abstract shapes derived from the motorcycle contours. Warm, Industrial colours form the basic trio of colours into which occasional threads of copper and chrome are introduced to accentuate the accents across the walls. All hand-painted with spray paint, mixed with some acrylic to create raw drips, a classic effect to rough up the environment. For another beguiling motorcycle, mural click here.