Project Description

Traditional Graffiti Wall Mural

This work drew inspiration from the highlighted colour throughout this particular client’s home. Yellow being the source colour for highlighting doors, rails and amongst other things. This piece uses that colour as the foundational base fill of a traditional graffiti piece. Also using complementary colours inside the piece, it gives a striking example of the artist’s skill. Especially when working within this modern art form of ‘graffiti’. Lettering of the piece says ‘Childers Street’, which will stand as a fantastic backdrop mural in relation to the backyard decor. Furthermore, the artistic process behind the artwork relates back to the graffiti art era. Where the lettering is used as a form of expressionism. Creating a sense of dynamic movement within the lettering through intricate rhythm and counter-rhythm. Blending the artwork down into the shrubs allow for the growth of the plants to complement the artwork as time passes by.