Project Description

Shopping Centre Restaurant Feature Wall

A shopping centre restaurant feature wall can transform a space while complimenting the fit out environment. For this particular piece coloured stripes either corner create a common band, reminiscent of Vietnamese flavours forming a foundation for the artwork to grow. Furthermore, with as much interaction as possible having a central character looking back at the stacked items on the rear of his bicycle. Give a great choice of colour and depth. Intended to provoke an optical mix to the viewer’s eye, with all the random items falling, starts to tell a short story about the Viet Boy. Another detail to note is the boy carrying as small sriracha bottle in his basket providing a nice touch to the Vietnamese infused artwork. The chosen colour palette contributes a warm painting to match the fit out, with an array of pastel and light green colours for the serving area. Additionally this painting consists of a handful of Vietnamese elements falling around the main character, to enhance that value derived from Vietnamese cuisine.
The rough draft for the wall art is below.
Another Vietnamese interior here.
Get in touch with us if you like this artwork and would like to customise your restaurant.


Shopping Centre Restaurant Feature Wall_Sketch