Project Description

Office Interior Mural – Entitled “Flux”

Melbourne, AUS, 2019 – Spray Paint & Acrylic

This office interior mural stretches around the room as a featured artwork with a development from left to right. The artwork befittingly entitled ‘Flux’, reads a unique story. An analogous photorealistic city scape composed on the left begins the dialog for this mural. As the details on the left featured cityscape provide impressions from a normal cityscape with some abstract characteristics. The main character is housed in a virtual reality head set looking towards this representation of a normal cityscape. Also she is directly connected via computational wires processing the view she has of the city scape. In return this portion of the artwork that looks like a computer resembles the input / output device relaying the vision from the character. Processing the visual result to the right in a futuristic style city and dreamscape. The distortion line details residing behind the character provides motion towards the advanced computer resembling movement and flow between the character and I/O device.

With the ‘normal’ cityscape details converted by way of the virtual reality headset and computer and the character actually visualising what is produced on the right side wall. A masterpiece comes into play. Nuances like details of the cityscape in a more pixelated and square composition mirror this, including adjusted colour, like the sunset converted to night setting. Incorporated in that is a wireframe styled sunset from a virtual reality and futuristic setting to match the theme. As well as a retro style Porsche driving through the mountains into the retro wave like sunset, inspired from a mixture of gaming and futurism.

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Watch an ASMR version of the installation below:

Watch Snippets of the installation below: