Project Description

Old, industrial silos are restored with graffiti art representing the company that owns them.

O-I Silo Art Project

This silo art project is for one of the biggest glass providers to the bottle industry. O-I Glass decided to turn disused silo’s into an art project to create a pop of colour in the corner of the large factory, while also, deterring future vandalism. The concept behind this piece is; that in order to make the glass they start with, ‘Silica Sand’, ‘Soda Ash’ and ‘Limestone’. So each of the silo’s were converted into the respective colours to represent the elements involved in creating the glass. Furthermore, the logo in glass effect was layered on top with a transparent effect. As well as a rejuvenation of the old traditional glass manufacturer signage. We documented the project with a custom made video, for O-I, and the results were beguiling. Take a look at the video above to see the amount of work that went into this epic project and the unique techniques that Dubiz uses, he truly is an aerosol can virtuoso.
You can also see another large-scale iconic piece here.
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