Mr Slot Car Graffiti Interior

A perfect interior graffiti mural is to step outside the boundaries of any regular production. Mr Slot Car Graffiti Interior involved meticulous customization with construction work included above the mural, most of all maintaining the perspective of the painting. Managing to create a piece of wall art used for the backdrop of all large and small functions. One of the main objectives is to encapsulate the theme by having the corporate colour cars matching and smashing through. With such vibrant colours for the electricity to resemble the Slot Car theme. Furthermore, the main colours for the cars are black, red, and white, hence why the colours of the cars are matching that requirement. In addition overhead signage complements the theme, with the energy from the slot cars exploding beyond. Also, inspiration derived from an array of photographs. With some subtle and hidden elements, relative to the owners demographic. As a result, complex details are more noticeable in person and if you wish to see this mural in person, or go smash some slot cars around an epic custom track. Check out their link below. Also if you want to see another interior mural on a top quality level, check here.