Pyramid graffiti spark up the interior of a Mexican restaurant.

Mexican Restaurant Interior Wall Art

This style was inspired from Mexican Restaurant Decor, infused to a, ‘one off’ Mexican Restaurant Interior Wall Art. Complementing the current decor, with flexibility to play with the decor in the future, keeping a neutral tone with the artwork is important. The pyramid composition for the main piece, overlapping industrial style textured effects. Creates a certain balance spanning the entire wall. A portrait of ‘Carlos’ himself to represent the entitled restaurant. Carlos Cantina. The centered portrait is encapsulated by custom mayan stone work. Distorted into a modern piece, allowing the viewer to ask, why. Linking this piece to a previous piece, where, distorting the portrait creates a certain uniqueness rarely seen. The pop of knock-out-blue on either side of the portrait helps compliment the warmth of the interior and of the piece.
Mexican Restaurant Interior Wall Art Pano

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