Horses graffiti mural in a cafe

Horse Street Art Interior Mural for Cafe Palomino

Creating a fantastic horse street art interior mural can be challenging. Particularly depending on the composition and balance of where the piece will reside. This is a perfect example of a beautiful street art mural portrait of the palomino horse with a complimenting herd running over a distant mountain scenery. Spanning over the main feature wall, centred. The colour tones match the interior decor. Also, the mural gives a magnificent viewpoint for backdrop photo’s from inside this uniquely styled cafe interior. Furthermore, the styling and colours painted to liven this cafe interior coincided with the mural right from the early design phase. Because a mural like this can really help create a relaxing and calm vibe for your customers. We do suggest consulting us in relation to your next interior wall art project. Certainly, something to think about to help create that perfect environment.

Curated by our team at Set It Off with interior styling and special paint job from our client.

What is a Palomino?