Project Description

Harry Potter Mecca spray painted graffiti interior design.

Harry Potter Mecca Interior Decor

This is one of those murals, you must see in person to appreciate, as photos just don’t justify. So go check them out, the link below will contain the address. We concentrated on matching elements inside these rooms, the main focus was a Harry Potter Mecca Interior Decor. Developing the all walls around this room into a storyboard of Harry Potter with hidden elements around the rooms for customers to play a game. This particular interior was factory based to begin with, with some structurally sound walls placed in specific locations. Opens the room up with artwork spanning around the room in a 360 degree view. We came up with a concept to include the surroundings with all walls to allow for continuity around the spaces provided. One room remains the earlier section of the HP story line. Furthermore transitioning into another room incorporating the next stages of the story. Another corner of the room, which is a dining section, brushes up the idea of multiple portraits from the book, with magnificent character detail. The outdoor section helps start the story line off. Complimenting another feature piece residing to the right. Check out another custom interior decor mural here.