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Project Description

Cafe Coffee Grinder
Cafe Coffee Grinder
Cafe Coffee Grinder

The fantastic mural of a Graffiti Coffee Grinder displays a large scale coffee grinder mounted on the wall. Because the drop shadows and rendered effects in 3-dimensional are noticeable. Most of all spurts of colour found around graffiti murals. Are noticeable below the coffee grinder. Furthermore, the idea behind this mural is; coffee being poured into the coffee grinder, and the output is an explosion of colour. The explosion flows down in an ‘S’ shape manner and pyramids out from the graffiti coffee grinder above. As well as some flares and puddle circles.  Also, this colourful piece is for Balaclava cafe, “This Little Piggy’s”. You can find his facebook page here: This Little Piggy’s Cafe Facebook Page.

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