A tropical wall mural inside Forest cafe courtyard.

Forest Cafe Courtyard Mural

Concentrating on the elements inside this room the Forest Cafe Courtyard Mural was the main focus as an urban forest interior. Working with the wall split into two sections by the pillar holding the roof up. We decided to incorporate that into the mural, by including a perspective style mural that goes into the distance. In particular, the interior was to create a relaxing and calming environment in this exterior cafe courtyard. Having ferns already installed, incorporating these in that space of the room helps balance the perspective of this mural. Furthermore, the surrounding environment was considered while painting this mural, such as the bamboo roofing and seating. We create unique concepts to include the surroundings within the environment and space provided. Also, since we are one of the leaders at incorporating this into a mural, the quality of work is evident and highly commended by all our clients. As well as the meticulous detail included, the final production amazed the expectations of the client. This mural now helps compliment the main features of this courtyard while allowing for a touch of calm and relaxing colour and feeling. Check out another forest mural here.