Project Description

Graffiti of a colorful explosion effect

FFF Tv Set Design Background Graffiti

A unique explosion effect to reside in the set backdrop during filming for tv, part of a TV set design production. Utilising the artwork in the backdrop adds that extra splash of colour when filming the subject for the big screen. Based on a set of a reality tv show, this backdrop is for the Family Food Fight Season 2 production. Also, because the background utilised a raw brick backdrop in some areas, we incorporated the artwork directly on top of the industrial look. Furthermore, these artworks for backdrops and set designs, while maintaining quality for on set production require our professional creative eye. Working with top-tier clients on a professional level and producing quality work within a time constraint is what we have been doing for years.

I had a blast working with the art directing team for this particular project and the final outcome couldn’t have gone any smoother.


FFF Set Backdrop

Melbourne, 2018 – Spray Paint / Acrylic /