Project Description

Depot Trompe L’oeil Architectural Mural


The Depot, based in Ilfracombe United Kingdom, was originally a petrol station a.k.a ‘The Depot’. I drew inspiration for this large scale mural spanning the entire building from many sources, including natural and local sources. From urban myths to real local elements that relate to ‘The Depot’, surroundings and environment. Suggestively organic in the approach between the Trompe L’oeil theme and garage / depot theme. As the theme around the entire building is directly related to the old ‘Depot’, a perfect example is the vintage cars hoisted up in the attic enhancing the work’s theme. Furthermore this immersive and detailed artwork is a result of local inspiration. The concept is appropriately aesthetic with the transformation of this vintage building, displaying an array of stories within the artwork created on the walls.

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