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Collections Bespoke Hotel Interior Wall Art

A bespoke hotel interior wall art mural stepping outside the boundaries of any regular interior production whilst combining the company pattern with a beguiling mural. Applying the artwork directly to the surface gives a durable and fine edge finish on the walls. Furthermore customisation with the pattern-work displayed in the branding image below is layered meticulously onto the wall. With continuity between the two walls articulates the interior finish as one. The main objectives were to encapsulate the artwork by balancing a mural with the custom interior all the while including their matching corporate colours and pattern work. As a result, complex details are noticeable in person and if you wish to see this mural in person, its located at 133 City Rd, Southbank. Inspiration was derived from an array of photographs combined with unique spray can art techniques for a blended dusk and night time cityscape. Another premium quality mural production.

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Collections Hotel Interior Wall Art Draft


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