Project Description

Melbourne horizon graffiti mural

Exterior Wall Mural – Cityscape Firepit – Fine Art

A fire pit will reside in the centre of the pavement, it is a section of the backyard that compliments the modern sleek design. Painting the exterior wall mural on cement sheeting, custom installed between rusted shelves, created a fantastic feature wall for the outdoor deck. The rustic looking shelves are housing for the chopped wood to use in the firepit. Surrounded by two comfortable outdoor deck chairs (not in the photos). The mural is a Fine Art piece of a Melbourne cityscape viewed from the Arts Center. A few unique and mastered processes were involved to create this piece. Such as the sky, to avoid painting the typical sunset, a textured and neutral sky was incorporated. Also, the base of the mural with graffiti and street art techniques gives it that edgy, yet street vibe, like it’s made for the laneways. While remaining something out of a gallery. Some of the quality details in this piece make it one of the Premium Selected Artworks. You can notice reflections on the buildings, lights, trees and pathways, and much more. Creating it a unique wall mural for any exterior feature space.

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