Team Ultimate out in Epping commissioned us to create a unique ‘Muay Thai Gym Graffiti’ interior wall mural for the bag section. The original wall being light blue with a red line. We utilised these existing colours to match the new interior graffiti wall art. With the unique and special requested twin tigers in the centre to build that foundational pyramid shape. Also a couple temples reside in between the two other features. A large scale buddha head and traditional Muay Thai fighting characters. So the theme is; Muay Thai and you can find these guys over here, Ultimate Epping – a super cool crowd and straight up hard workers. Some of the best talent I seen, super stoked to have been apart of customizing this interior. For a fantastic wall backdrop while they train. Always training hard!

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IMG_8547a2 IMG_8552aS IMG_8574a Muay Thai Gym Muay Thai Gym Muay Thai Gym Muay Thai Gym
Wall Before
Muay Thai Gym Graffiti