Red Salmon Interior

A creatively unique  interior for Red Salmon Restaurant, Knox Ozone, Knox City, Melbourne. The elements requested in this; the title of the restaurant, a woman, saxaphone player, cocktail glass. With the lighting down the bottom, I painting a flow of colour down the bottom of the mural to give it foundation and match the interior [...]

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MayCon Construction Graffiti Theme

May Constructions commissioned Set It Off to create a large scale construction graffiti theme mural based around a construction theme. Therefore, we designed a theme that transitioned from draft stage to completed. Also including a cityscape sunset beyond one of their featured buildings. Signage and a logo was furthermore one of the requirements with the inclusion [...]

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Aurora Lane. Catapult Sports.

This 'Catapult' piece was created in The Clock Tower of Aurora Lane, Docklands, Melbourne. Graffiti lettering inherited from the streets of Melbourne with a 'Melbourne style', included is the wireless symbol related to your Catapult Product. Next to that is a high detailed painting of South Bank city scape with Melbourne's iconic Eureka Tower, only [...]

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